Making Biblical sense of the Israel-Palestinian crisis

The current war between Israel and Hamas, focused on the Gaza strip, with so much destruction and bloodshed, is one that Bible students will want to try to understand from a Biblical point of view. ie. Does Bible prophecy speak about these events at all? And if so, do these events indicate a closeness of […]

Reformation – now in e-book and print

Reformation, first published in 1985, by Harry Whittaker, is now available to purchase online from Amazon as a Kindle e-book. It is also available as a print-on-demand book from Amazon Here is the link to the page on where the e-book can be sampled and purchased

New site format

We’ve migrated Biblia Books to a new hosting service and taken the opportunity to rebuild the site at the same time. It means that some content has disappeared for now and some is in much more simplified format. Over time more content will be added back in. Just at this moment, audio recordings can’t be […]