Harry Whittaker was a Christadelphian who lived from 1908 to 1992 in the UK.

In addition to being a well-known speaker around the world, Harry became a prolific author in his later years, writing and publishing over 30 books, many between 1970 and 1992. A handful of manuscripts which were still undergoing proofing were published after his death by Biblia Books.

Biblia Books is the name of the small publishing organisation set up by Harry and is continued by his family up to the present.

The list of books published by Harry Whittaker is set out below, along with a current status – in print, no longer in print, or available as an e-book. Those that are still in print are available to purchase from Biblia, using the order form page. Please note that there is a separate stockist of these publications in the USA and Australia.

A look at those difficult passages – in print

Bible Studies – in print

Epistle to the Ephesians – in print

Exhorting and Testifying – in print

Exploring the Bible – in print

Further letters to George and Jenny – in print

Genesis 1-2-3-4 – in print

Isaiah – in print

Israel in the Wilderness – in print

Jews, Arabs and Bible Prophecy (2018 update) – in print via Amazon and available as a Kindle book

Joel’s prophecy – in print

Judges and Ruth – in print

Letters to George and Jenny – out of print

Of whom the world was not worthy – in print

Passover – in print from Amazon and available as an e-book on Kindle

Peter’s Epistles – in print

Prayer – in print

Prophecy of Jonah – in print

Reformation – in print and now available from Amazon and as a Kindle e-book

Revelation: a Biblical approach – in print

Samuel, Saul and David – in print

Second Corinthians – in print

Seven Short epistles – in print

Studies in Acts – in print

Studies in the Gospels – no longer in print, available as an e-book on Kindle

The Last Days – no longer in print

The Time of the End – no longer in print

The very Devil – in print

Through patience and comfort – in print

Visions in Daniel – in print and also available as a Kindle e-book

Word Studies (New Testament) – in print via Amazon and also available as a Kindle e-book

Available from the Christadelphian Office:

Abraham, father of the faithful

Enjoying the Bible

Hezekiah the Great

Joseph the saviour

Wrestling Jacob