This book , first published in the 1970s, answers very different questions coming from very different kinds of people.

The unbeliever wants to know:
1. One good solid reason for believing that there is a God “out there”. He doesn’t think there is.
2. Some serious proof that the Bible is not just a collection of ancient Hebrew mythology and religious speculation. Is there any?

The believer has his problems. He wants to know:
3. Why the rule of God seems to be so ineffective. “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth.” Why isn’t it?
He also asks:
4. How much longer is God going to let this wretched world stew in its own juice?

The answers, short and snappy, suggested here are these:
1. There is a God in control. “God rules in the kingdoms of men and gives them to whomsoever He will.” (Daniel 4: 25)
2. The Bible is not on the same level as Poor Richard’s Almanac or last week’s astrology column. It is the Word of God.
3. God is not so inactive as some might be inclined to think. What might seem to be His abdication is actually His unerring control.
4. How much longer? Not many years. Probably within your lifetime.

How are these answers reached?
By a careful examination of scores of places where the Bible claims to be revealing events in the “time of the end”.

The main ideas developed from such a study are these:
1 The ultimate destiny of this world is to be a Kingdom of God.
2 Recent events are a striking witness to the fact that that great climax of human affairs is not far away.
3 The most significant development in the Twentieth Century so far has been the rise of the State of Israel.
4 The growth of Arab influence in the western world and Arab hatred of Israel are clearly foreshadowed in Bible prophecy.
5 Jewish successes and ultimate Jewish defeat by an Arab confederacy are also foretold in the Scriptures.
6 This” time of Jacob’s trouble” will bring other striking developments leading to a Jewish change of heart toward the Jesus they crucified.
7 They will be saved out of their final tribulation by the Second Coming of Christ.
8 This will be a time of cataclysm and upheaval in world affairs. All the destructive devices, now held in reserve will be used.
9 There will be bitter but futile international opposition to the new divine regime in Israel.
10 The Kingdom of God will begin to spread its irresistible power and influence. Christ will be “King of kings and Lord of lords.”

If you are an unbeliever, the first few chapters here will bring you face to face with up-to-date facts which take some explaining away. If you already believe in Christ, these early chapters will make a lively prelude to bigger excitements and faith-strengthening discoveries.