Biblia Books has stocked a number of other publishers and authors over the years, for UK distribution. Whilst this is now winding down, a number of publications are still held in stock whilst stocks last, for UK orders.

Tidings Books (published in USA) stocked in UK by Biblia:

Cain – his life and legacy, by Matt Harrison

A murderer might seem like an odd choice for a Biblical character study, yet there is something fascinating about criminals: they pique our curiosity because their crimes exist on the periphery of our imaginations. Among the pantheon of Bible villains, Cain, as the world’s first murderer, ranks among the most notorious. Yet in spite of his notoriety, there is not a single reference to him or his crime in the Old Testament beyond the account in Genesis 4. That fact alone may strike us as surprising: however even more remarkable is that after 4,000 years of absence from the Biblical record, there are multiple references to Cain in the New Testament.

A Wayfarer’s Guide by George Booker.

A resource for fellow travelers on the Way of Life: word studies, insights into details of Scripture, perspectives on difficult questions, and analogies that relate to the spiritual life.

Book cover for The Ecclesia at Ephesus

The Ecclesia at Ephesus – Ryan Mutter

Ephesus was one of the most advanced cities in the Roman Empire. Believers living there faced many of the same issues that confront followers of the Lord Jesus Christ today.

Bible Guidelines for a Happy Marriage – John Bilello

Sound, proactive, biblical advice on how to build and maintain a happy marriage.

Other Tidings Publications available in to order in the UK from Biblia include:

John Bilello:

Little words

Bible guidelines for a happy marriage

George Booker:

A Wayfarer’s guide

On the Way

A Bible journal

Pictures of Redemption

A New creation

Psalms Vol 1

Psalms Vol 2

Matt Harrison: Cain: his life and legacy

David Levin: The Creation text

Ryan Mutter:

The Ecclesia at Ephesus

The Whole armour of God

Ron Hicks: My journey in faith

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